Hubbell sample kit for sales reps.
Kit includes:
Functional Hypro 6 with 5 motion and proportional joysticks.6 total joysticks. No symbols
Compact V receiver housing with Hubbell decal. Panel mount connector
Planar C 3 motion 2 speed without symbols. Blank battery cover
1 Battery charger
2 spare batteries

HyPRO-6 7.2V Transmitter/ (HUBBELL “DUMMY” SAMPLE (E160087))

Built similar to SERIAL # 960 011 2814/ Backlight the LCD. Backlight to come on during initial turn on & remain on until horn enable pressed. Enabled backlight comes on when any function is activated & turns off 5 seconds after function is finished. Blank bars and keypad buttons. Hubbell sticker in right hand corner

HUBBELL “DUMMY” Compact-V/C Receiver *ONLY*
Compact-V/C Receiver/ (HUBBELL “DUMMY” SAMPLE (E160087))
QTY- 1 RX Compact-V/C, WITH bottom panel mount connector same as Hubbell AC receivers. Hubbell label on front REF

Planar-C2 Transmitter with LCD setup with 3 Motion 2 Speed crane buttons. NO DECALS!!!
BOM / Extent of supply PER UNIT:
QTY- 1 TX “DUMMY” Planar-C2, with hand strap, with Blank battery cover, nylon pouch
Reference P160238, OC- 3164992