BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE “DUMMY” Cable Remote Transmitter **ONLY**

Nano-L SMJ-A2/2 Transmitter/ (BOSCH (“DUMMY” CABLE TX))

Similar to SERIAL # 990 940 0993 / ((Build same as BOSCH System P/N- 1.400.FZXXA002/990 940 0993 *BUT WITH* rivesed rail and no electronics. See attached picture.))

BOM / Extent of supply PER UNIT:
QTY- 1 TX Nano-L SMJ, “DUMMY” unit with revised rail & non-deadman joystick
QTY- 1 Waist belt ( P/N- 3.320.1000)
QTY- 1 Shoulder strap (P/N- 3.320.1001)