Planar D-1 transmitter


NBB CONTROLS Planar-D Radio Remote Control

24 Volt relay based system for simple on/off machine controls with up to 7 outputs. This remote is a perfect fit for simple machines with on/off valves such as mulch and soil blower trucks, simple agricultural machines, trailer concrete pumps, cable reels and similar simple machines. Replacement remotes can be matched up in the field if the remote is damaged or lost. Remote can be configured for momentary and latching functions via dip switches inside of the receiver. A label sheet with 120 symbols allows for multiple configurations. Comes with wiring diagram for easy installation.

Planar-D1 AA Transmitter/ Compact-M/2 Receiver

BOM / Extent of supply PER UNIT:
QTY- 1 TX Planar-D1 AA, WITH Hand strap
QTY- 1 RX Compact-M/2, (24 V/DC) WITH PG-Cable fitting, & an approx. 2.5m long connecting cable & loose end wiring
QTY- 2 AA Batteries of 1.5V (NOT Rechargeable)
QTY- 1 External antenna (P/N- 3.140.1036)
QTY- 1 Loose TX label sheet / YELLOW with BLACK symbols (QTY- 120 different types of symbols)
QTY- 1 Operating instructions, English